us mint

US Mint - America The Beautiful

A little minimalistic quickie that I directed following Campbell Ewald’s script. The idea being that we fly through the Grand Canyon that is depicted on limited edition coin mints.

We did a photo shoot where we shot the coins for beauty. This was mainly for any print material and to get us exact references for CG – I also shot 360s of the coins to capture their exact reaction to incident light.


To get the coin textures, my good friend Mariusz Wesierski came up with the approach of sticking the real coins in a flatbed scanner – the light beam gave a readymade heightmap that we used to displace the flat coin geometry at render time.

Director: Abed Abonamous
Agency: Campbell Ewald
Production Company: The Ebeling Group ( )
Producer: Martha Smith
CG: Mariusz Wesierski, Adam Wesierski, Abed Abonamous